Zeta Wave heals breakup pain in her new single "Strange Heartbeat" and EP "Over"

Zeta Wave heals breakup pain in her new single "Strange Heartbeat" and EP "Over"
Singer/Songwriter Zeta Wave

How did you come up with the name Zeta Wave?
Oh gosh, it was kind of random. I always wanted not to go by my name. I think when you go by your real name you oft times get pegged as like-singer/songwriter with acoustic guitar. And I wanted something with more of a sound. Something a bit more ambiguous.

I got the name about a year ago...it actually came up over dinner at a friend's suggestion.

What is your EP titled "Over" about?
Well, one of the songs on the EP is called "Over". And it's the first time I'm recording an EP. A lot of the songs on this EP I've had for years from when I first started writing. And these songs represent an ending of a certain chapter in my life as far a music goes. It's kind of like I'm going into the next phase of it. That's why it's titled that.

I learned a ton from the recording process so I know what I want for the next one.

So it wasn't necessarily about one relationship?
The song "Over", well that is about one relationship in particular. I liked it for the title of the EP for that reason. It about(the relationship) being over and then birthed into something new.

I choose the six tracks for the EP from my catalog-because they felt cohesive-with the production I was going to put on them and the theme.

Do you want to talk about your first single "Strange Heartbeat"?
Yeah, that was a break up song like most of the songs on the EP. In the relationship on "Strange Heartbeat" I got a lot of songs. I have a whole album's worth of songs out of that breakup. The relationship had ended and I realized it was actually good that it had actually ended and I committed to writing about it.

It was through writing that I knew all along it wasn't a good relationship. But there was something that like kept me there. Even though my body was telling me it's wrong.

Pain gets to the core and can get so intense for me and the way to deal is writing. I have music as a way of really processing what I feel.

When did your musical career start?
This goes way way back. I started playing the flute when I was 12. I always liked singing and playing music. I wrote my first song when I was 12 and put it on my parents answering machine. But I started writing songs seriously about 5 years ago.

Can you tell me a bit about your production process?
Well, this is the first time I've got the chance to produce the way I really wanted to produce. On these songs there was a variety of studios and producers involved and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Fortunately in LA there are so many musicians here that are talented that I have a lot of great friends. So it was basically all my friends that I called in to help. It was all a bunch of friends in the production.

I did have a vision I mind. I wanted to have a synth based sound with an electronic drum feel instead of completely organic sounding.

Recently, I've been writing a ton. Basically a song a day for the month of September. In total I've written 35 songs in 35 days.

It can start any number of ways. Sometimes first is the melody then comes the lyrics. And sometimes I'll journal and a phrase will pop out to me and that will be my title and it will go from there-when I put chords to it.

The more you do it the easier it gets. Once you know you're going to do it-it comes together.

How did you build this musical collective of friends in LA?
When I moved here 4 years ago-I Googled song writing school Los Angeles. Because in Seattle I was in a song writing workshop and I really liked it because it gave you a community of writers.

I got into a workshop in LA and a lot of my friends came from that school. Then I've found people going around to shows-performing at venues meeting musicians building my network.

Come see me perform with these friends at my CD release show in mid-October at The Hotel Cafe.

Let's hope she brings her bedroom dance pop show to Chicago!


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  • I loved the song beats, it shows clearly the composer how much talented.i recently downloaded it on music maniac for windows 10

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