Meg Myers shows sexy vulnerability in her Desire and new EP Make a Shadow.

Meg Myers shows sexy vulnerability in her Desire and new EP Make a Shadow.
Singer/Songwriter Meg Myers

Fresh off her performance with New Zealand pop duo BROODS at Schubas Tavern and on the road in her modest tour van-Meg Myers took a few moments to speak on her life as a young artist, her new single Desire and EP Make A Shadow.

What's up Meg…how did the show go last night?
Well, I am pretty exhausted.  The show last night was good.  It was great.  It all is coming up a blur now.  But no matter how tired I am which is really tired I'm up and feel so good.  Every time I'm up there to perform-I'm like-this is why I'm doing this, this is why I'm doing this!

Does it take a lot of energy to do a full set?
Pretty much, I love that part.  But it takes so much out of me.

You have an amazing voice…so what came first-realizing this or your ambition to become a performer?
Ummm…that's a good question.  I think that it was a mix.  I think it was first being interested in music all the time cause my family was musical.  They played a lot of classic rock and classical music.  I've  always loved music.  I also loved acting so much and dancing.  But music was just around me-we had guitars and piano-so I just started messing around.  This was a way for me to kind of get out of reality.

I sang a little when I was around nine-but I didn't really start singing until I was like twelve or thirteen and discovered I could sing.  But it took me a while to really find my voice.  So I would say I had the ambition and then discovered I had something in my teens.

What led you to finding your voice?
It was that I just wanted to sing. I wanted to write lyrics and express myself-it was that.  And I had a lot of inspirations growing up.  I'm sure there were moments when I didn't want to sound like people-but I wanted to sound like guys-I liked guy artists way more and never wanted to sound like a girl when I was younger.

I kind of wanted my own thing.  I was inspired by many people and as you you take a little bit from everyone; and that's what I've done-taken little things that I like from singers-but at the same time have my own also.  Then it's whatever you feel that's going to be your thing.

Is there one thing that led you to believe you might be a success?
You know it's weird. I feel like and my producer feels the same way…it's this strange thing since I was really young I think I really wanted it.  I was so ambitious when I was young and wanted it so much.  I always felt I was gonna do it-like I had to do it or something.  I always had this feeling that I was going to be successful.  And when playing shows it's the feeling that I felt and that's why I left home for LA at 19.

I've had moments when I was a little bit down on it.  But it was something that I've always felt like was supposed to happen whether I wanted it or not-like I was supposed to do it.  I feel like it's my duty.

You know I waitressed for twelve years and knew that's not what I wanted to do…I liked writing.

Describe your creative process.
It does change up but most of the time I write something on the guitar or piano.  Or my producer, Andy will come up with something like a beat or something.  But it helps me to have a piano or guitar-with some sort of pretty melody that I can come up with something pretty quick-usually the lyrics just flow out.

And sometimes we'll just shape them-a lot of times lately they'll just come out-and we'll be just like whoa…this is really good and it makes so much sense.  When it just comes out and in that creative mode it feel really good.  Every now and then we'll have a hard time with the second verse-from thinking too much or something.

Who are some of your musical influences?
Growing up it was a lot of classic rock…I liked Sting and the Police, Led Zepplin, Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits and a lot of Enya.  As I grew into my teens I listened to Goo Goo Dolls, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Sound Garden and all those bands.

And now I listen to a lot of classical music.  That's my go to, my number one.  I'll pull out some classical or classic jazz-you know.

What was the inspiration for your new song Desire?
That song was really magical.  I went into the studio thinking that I had been listening to a lot of Nine Inch Nails and thinking I wanted to do something with that vibe.  It's hard to explain…something dark, sexual and rhythmic.  Andy just came up with a note or something and we were just in each other's heads and wrote that song in a day.

And the lyrics…I don't know-I was going through a lot…they were very sexual-but I tell people they were so much deeper than that to me.  That's why I feel I can get away with it.  The feeling is vulnerable and also maneater when I was writing it.  It was a very physical feeling that I put into it-but it was so much more than just writing about sex.

I felt those emotions when writing it and feel those emotions when in a relationship…conquering yet vulnerable yet painful.

Did you have any involvement with the treatment of the video?
We all came up with it.  I thought it'd be more powerful to have an invisible person(as my lover) than somehow having a real person.  Although it was sexual I didn't want to just have this sex video-I wanted it to be weird and uncomfortable.

Part of making it uncomfortable was having childish elements-like the cartoon on the TV-the teddy bear on my t-shirt and just socks with what I was wearing.  Mixing innocence with sex and with the invisible guy being desire.

And you've got a new EP?
I've got five tracks on the new EP and it's called Make a Shadow-we just put it out a few months ago.  Two of the songs had been written a couple of years ago and we had been performing them-Make a Shadow and Heart Heart Head-but had never recorded them.  We had been working on the album and just decided to put something out-and put the EP together.

What impact has Doctor Rosen Rosen had on you as an artist?
He has impacted me so much-like 90%.  I've always been myself and done a similar thing to what I'm doing-but it's been three years and he's taught me so much in song crafting and lyrics. It seems I was all over the place before I met him. I create with him now.

He's taught me everything.  I get down on myself a lot and he been the person to push me.  He helps me find things in my voice. And what we've created is really unique-because of us combined.

And you'll be back in Chicago for Lollapalooza…you're looking forward to that?
Yeah, I am so much.  That's what I love-I love playing…and to big crowds.

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