DJ Doorly Brings His U.K. Turntablist Style to Chicago's SpyBar

DJ Doorly Brings His U.K. Turntablist Style to Chicago's SpyBar
DJ Doorly Rocks SpyBar on the third leg of his North American Tour

DJ Doorly,  let's talk about your current North American tour-starting in New York-how's it going?
Well, the tour actually started in Las Vegas.  In New York there was a hard rock show taking place at Webster Hall before we were to play and there was a violent incident that forced the place to get shut down by the cops-so we didn't get to play there.

I've since played Boston and that was really good, so I'm looking forward to Chicago.

How do you like playing in the States compared to Europe?
I love it(here)-it's much better.  It's quite a new scene here-the dance scene on this scale.  It's an exciting time and the kids are all mad for it.

In Europe people are too cool for their own good sometimes.  It's not as easy to shock people, and people their are on to the next thing quite quickly.  While here in American-they've go this new toy.  Everyone goes nuts all the time…every single gig I do here it's really good to come back and play to this audience.

How many times have you been here to Chicago?
I've actually been here about 4 times-but that's only through the airport transfers-this will be my first time playing here.  I'm mad excited to be here and always have been a fan of the Chicago house movement-so it's nice to be here properly and I'm looking forward to it a lot.

How did you get started in the business?
Well, I started as a DJ and set up a club night and that did quite well.  I was asked to do a set for Radio One Essential Mix.  Which at that point I decided I needed to learn how to produce in order to be taken seriously.  So, I actually started producing about 7 years ago.  That's when it really changed, literally because after a year of doing that-I started getting flown around the world for making music.

So my advice to people-is to start producing-no matter how good you are as a DJ.

Where are you from exactly in the United Kingdom and what's the scene like there?
I from a place called Huddersfield-just in the north of England.  And in our town there was no scene-so we started a warehouse party and started to bring in all the big DJ's and created a scene there.

I live in London now and there is a great clubbing scene.

The scene is healthy in the U.K, but not like it is in America.  The economy there is not so good and I don't know what it is-but it feel like it's a bit saturated there.

It's such a good time to be here as a DJ in America right now.

You're playing at SpyBar tonite.  I hear you spin on more than just two turntables…what's the deal with that?
Early on I was kind of a DMC turntablists when I first started.  And because I play every kind of music I find it kind of limiting when using just two turntables.  I use more than two because I want to play acapellas and stuff along with the music.

Quite honestly I can't just play on two any more, I get bored and really frustrated when playing with just two.  For my set tonite, I've brought out two samplers to create the feeling of a live show-so it's all good.

So what's next for DJ Doorly?
I've been making music with Grand Master Flash recently-collaborating on a bit of a side project together.  We harking back to the 80's and the days of Disco and house.  We're making kind of Disco House together and loving that it's back.

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