Kreayshawn a unique creation serving up hip hop anthems!

Coming to Chicago-August 19th at the Bottom Lounge will be a rising star in the world of Hip Hop-and she goes by the name Kreayshawn(Kree-A-Shon).  I was given the opportunity to chat with her-courtesy of the folks as Sony Music-and I found what she said to very interesting-and it's made me definitely want to see her show.  So lets get inside her mind of to see what makes her tick!

Kreayshawn first and foremost-how did you come up with your name and what does it mean to you?

Well, Kreayshawn I just made it one day cause I basically was like living in my place making a whole bunch of different art and was so excited to be creating.  I just was like a cool know?  That's kinda where it came from.

You're from did you get started doing the Hip Hop thing?

I've always been into making music since I was younger.  So like making hip hop started when I was like 10 years old.  Me and my friends were making crazy music and you know making all kinds of stuff.  But,  just recently like I was making a whole bunch of mix tapes at my house and my manager-he was managing an artist I was directing music videos for and he ending hearing some of my stuff like what I do playing freestyle-and he was like you should really take this serious.  And I was like-let me start taking this serious and see where it goes.

What would you want your fans to know about you as an artist and what inspires you?

I just want people to know that know that I am definitely like an artist that I do all kinds of different things and I want people to know they can expect pretty much anything from me.  I don't want to be labeled as like that white girl rapper-I do a whole bunch of other things.  And I want to make like and experiment and it be exciting for everyone to share the experience.

Let's talk about the new track Gucci did that happen?

 Gucci Gucci was like me and manager we were going to get in the studio and make good beats-sit down and do this right.  It was kinda like it's a statement for women to not let labels define you.  It has a message behind it-even though it's like a crazy ass track.

What's your feeling on people caught up in the labels?

I just feel like you know there is a lot of labeling.  And just like you know people should act a certain way because they wear this brand or there this way  they should act that way.  It's definitely good to put it out there that you know even if you do wear these labels like you don't have to act like that or don't let these labels define who you are and turn you into someone you don't necessarily have to be.

You're a rapper and also make music videos?

Yeh, I also direct music videos.  So it can be cool doing both at the same time being on both sides of the camera.  I've directed a whole bunch of music videos for Li' B like way back in the day when we were both working out of the Bay area-that was pretty fun.  And I also have worked with a whole bunch of local artists.

So with Gucci Gucci being the first track-do you have an album set to release soon?

Yeh, I've been doing a whole bunch of tracks-but I'm definitely going to the the album out this year.  I'm aiming for the Fall.   I'll be playing with a bunch of different genres but it will mainly have a hip hop feel to it.

You're coming to Chicago on the 19th at the Bottom excited about your show here?

Yeh, I know I know... I've got a couple of friends out there so I know its going to be poppin.  I just got to figure out you know what we' bout to do out there.  We're definitely going to bring it for sure.  We've been practicing  and working with some props and stuff- we'll have a DJ and some dancers on stage we're going to make it poppin!

Be sure to check out more on Kreayshawy below:


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