Revamped Chicago 2011...a Fashion Show for the Hip Society and it was so much fun!

The evening was set at the recently opened Bridgeport Art Center-in an amazing loft space that set the stage for one of the most entertaining fashion/art shows I've attended.  In it's second installation-Revamped was reworked and so much better than the first.

It's hat off to the producers at Earth Share of Illinois-whose mission this year was to reFINDefined fashion featuring Chicago's exclusive "go green" pop up shop vintage collection by creator Reginald Woods of Columbia College.  Along with accessories by Rachel Brooks and the Style Cooperative, Marta Cebrat-Czernik and Chistina Pedroso-whose collections seemlessly connected with one another to create an amazing display of runway fashion.  Toss in ballerinas in tights and well suited men on bikes and you can only imagine the fun to be had.

Honorable mentions go out to event host Bianca Alexander of Conscious Living TV, Henrique Kerch of Factio Magazine, Megan Millian from IADT and a fine list of sponsor who made the evening that much more enjoyable: Goose Island, 360 Vodka, Auchentoshan Malt whisky and the Naked Grape.

I'll definitely be there next year-if it's any better than this-it's set to be a venerable Cirque Du Fashion!


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  • Man, chicks in blue lipstick are hot... oh, and dudes in tuxedos and board shorts on road bikes from the 70's. Definitely hot hot hot.

    I don't know what it is, but I have this dire need to go to Nordstrom right now.

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    Cirque Du Cite is showcasing next week! Another collaboration where proceeds will benefit Earth Share Illinois. Reginald Woods will be showcasing amongst other well known designers from the city. Please let me know if you will be attending Eric!

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