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Motoworks' Track Day at Gingerman

Motoworks’ Track Day at Gingerman Fran leans, lives, and learns. Johnny Scheff of Motoworks, www.motoworkschicago.com, orchestrated his 8th annual trackday at Gingerman Raceway, www.gingermanraceway.com on Monday, Aug. 15, 2011. Gingerman is a favorite track of the go-fast crowd and I always wanted to ride it. The surface is a polymerized asphalt that is nicely abrasive... Read more »

BEHOLD! The lowly Turnsignal.

Recently I have been considering the turnsignal. “Recently” means this year. Early in the spring when my morning commute was mostly in the dark, another rider signaled for a turn. I knew that his front turn signal was on as the flash off the cage in front of him showed that he had a bright... Read more »

Just be Smooth

It’s the most overused phrase in motorcycle training; “Be Smooth”.  You can find it in almost every book, DVD and class about improving your motorcycling.  However, rarely is it defined. I have struggled with how to explain “riding smoothly” to new students.  It seems to be one of those mysterious things that can be difficult to convey to someone who... Read more »

Are you a Biker, or a Motorcyclist?

A Waiter or a Server? A Stewardess or a Flight Attendant? Titles have always been important, but can changing the wording of a title, change the way people view you or your profession? Does it label you as a type of person beause of the image it may be associated with?       I attended a... Read more »

Tom Cruise Limps Away From Motorcycle Crash

              “It was like a scene from Mission Impossible.” That is how one witness described the incident. Tom Cruise crashed his Ducati on Sunday, after trying to avoid a collision with an SUV that had run a stop sign. The motorcycle spun out, throwing Cruise off. Witnesses said once he was back... Read more »

Beyonce's Motorcycle Corset

The iconic creation in question is the eye-catching motorcycle corset and bustier featuring a motorcycle handle design at the front which was worn by a supermodel in the 1992 music video to George Michael’s hit Too Funky This corset was recreated especially for Beyonce Knowles by designer Thierry Mugler.                ... Read more »

Strange Motorcycle Picture of the Week

What do you think the caption should read?

Dakar 2010

In a city of 13 million people, I was among the 800,000 at the obelisk in Buenos Aries today for the kick off of the 2010 Dakar Rally. The competitors did a little parade style entry before being introduced individually and making their way up the ramp and through the official Dakar checkpoint. If they... Read more »

Travis Pastrana to Jump Rally Car Over 230ft of Water

Red Bull’s New Year, No Limits

Are you ready for Black Diamond?

One question I always ask my students after completing a beginner riding course is if they feel comfortable enough to ride on the street.  I ask this for a couple of reasons; one is to help those who might be too confident after the training. I often compare skiing to motorcycling.  I like to do... Read more »