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To Wave...revisited

Never one to give up on a good idea nor fail to beat a dead horse as the occasion arises, I wondered if there were any instances when a wave would be mandatory or forbidden? Granted a rider should forego the wave when controlling the bike is paramount. But beyond simple safety reasons, who ought... Read more »

THIS IS IT ! ibafran

THE GREATEST MOMENTS IN ALL OF MOTORCYCLING. So. There I was. It was mid-day in late june, 2010. Riding my commute under a perfectly blue sky free of clouds from hoizon to horizon, when it hit me. The ambient temp was about 75f with maybe three or four miles of wind. All the vents were... Read more »

To Wave, Or not To Wave...

There are 8 million ways that bikers deliniate ourselves from each other and the general populace. This is just one of them. Is it a good way or essentially meaningless, if not plain goofy?. Lots of us bikers bring a predisposition to the wave and rarely think about it thereafter. For those of us living in... Read more »

Are you a Biker, or a Motorcyclist?

A Waiter or a Server? A Stewardess or a Flight Attendant? Titles have always been important, but can changing the wording of a title, change the way people view you or your profession? Does it label you as a type of person beause of the image it may be associated with?       I attended a... Read more »