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The 3 wheel BRC?

Three wheel or multi-track motorcycles are increasing in popularity. The trike conversions of Gold Wings and Harley’s are the most common and CanAm Spyder has made increase showings on the roadways. The question asked of me, while riding my Spyder is, “How’s it ride?” The answer is–not like a motorcycle. Some states are classifying the... Read more »

I Hate Bikers

I don’t like bikers. Bikers are inherently dangerous and crazed. Training doesn’t work. Only insane people ride bikes, why would anyone sane put themselves at that much risk? Not on my watch, we will discourage motorcycle riders and suggest they stop riding. A motorcycle KILLED my brother. Scene II  The US Army fielded the Army... Read more »

Motorcycle Vacations

I’m lucky; I have a career that includes motorcycles as a large part of my work. Sure there are other aspects and responsibilities but deep down inside I, and more than 200 Army, Navy, and Marine Traffic Safety Program instructors, harbor deep satisfaction of knowing we ride motorcycles as part of our jobs. The greatest part... Read more »