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Motorcycle Safety: Visibility

Motorcycle Safety: Visibility
Traffic safety is a responsibility shared by all the roadway users. However, for motorcyclists, it is ultimately up to the rider to try to make him/herself visible at all times, and have a strategy for scanning for potential hazards. Here are some situations where a rider may not be as visible to a motorist and... Read more »

Chicago-Toys For Tots Warming Shack Party At Motoworks

Chicago-Toys For Tots Warming Shack Party At Motoworks
One of my favorite events of the year! Sure, its cold, but there is something very special about seeing bearded burly motorcyclists with stuffed animals and wrapped presents attached to their respective motorcycles. The event brings out anywhere from 10,00-40,000 riders each year depending on the weather. This Sunday, December 7th Toys For Tots 37th Annual Motorcycle... Read more »

Motoworks' Track Day at Gingerman

Motoworks’ Track Day at Gingerman Fran leans, lives, and learns. Johnny Scheff of Motoworks,, orchestrated his 8th annual trackday at Gingerman Raceway, on Monday, Aug. 15, 2011. Gingerman is a favorite track of the go-fast crowd and I always wanted to ride it. The surface is a polymerized asphalt that is nicely abrasive... Read more »

Are you ready for Black Diamond?

One question I always ask my students after completing a beginner riding course is if they feel comfortable enough to ride on the street.  I ask this for a couple of reasons; one is to help those who might be too confident after the training. I often compare skiing to motorcycling.  I like to do... Read more »

Motorcycle Accidents On The Rise In Chicago

According to a recent article published in the Chicago Sun-Times, motorcycle related accidents are on the rise in Chicago.,CST-NWS-motorcycles28.article The article claims the that main reason there are more motorcycle accidents, is because of the recent increase in number of riders. It also mentions that higher gas prices is a motivating factor to switch... Read more »