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On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter - Official Trailer

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I cannot wait for this to release, it has been a long time coming. Red Bull Media House has invited me to the red carpet screening of the film on October 22, 2014 in Hollywood, CA. I had an opportunity to interview the Brown family recently for an article I wrote for issue sixteen of... Read more »

Motorcycle Vacations

I’m lucky; I have a career that includes motorcycles as a large part of my work. Sure there are other aspects and responsibilities but deep down inside I, and more than 200 Army, Navy, and Marine Traffic Safety Program instructors, harbor deep satisfaction of knowing we ride motorcycles as part of our jobs. The greatest part... Read more »

Motorcycle: Quick Tip

Have you ever been riding and all of a sudden your head starts to itch? You try adjusting your helmet, or hitting the helmet hoping it will get to the itch.A chopstick is the perfect tool for the job. Be sure to pack a set next time you are out for a long ride. I... Read more »