Say Goodbye to Exhaust Pipe Burns

Say Goodbye to Exhaust Pipe Burns

Industrial Nanotech, Inc. Launches Liquid Heat Shield Coating to Keep Motorcycle and ATV Riders Safer

I managed to escape the dreaded exhaust pipe burn as a rookie rider, but it did get me later in life. A lapse in judgment allowed me to jump on the back of my friend's pit bike at a track day while wearing capris. Another time, my forearm was burned while lifting a motorcycle off of a friend who had just crashed. So, I am no stranger to the pipe burn. It is so common, that it almost feels like a right of passage. However, I would have rather not have had that experience. I hope the manufacturers start to use this product or one like it.

Industrial Nanotech, Inc., an emerging global leader in nanoscience energy saving solutions, announced today that the Company has launched a new safety coating product to reduce surface temperatures of hot exhausts on motorcycles, motorbikes, ATVs, and sport bikes. Nansulate(R) Cool Ride is the newest product addition to the Company's patented Nansulate(R) line of high tech insulation, energy saving, and protective coatings. Nansulate(R) Cool Ride is an easy-to-apply clear liquid insulation that reduces heat conduction, provides a thermal insulation barrier, and lowers
the surface temperature of hot exhaust pipes on motorcycles and other riding equipment. Details on the product can be found at .

According to studies published on the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health website, motorcycle exhaust burn injuries are a global issue. A European study over a 5-year period found that the incidence of burn injuries related to motorcycle exhaust pipes was two times higher for children than for older persons and, among the latter, it was 60% higher among females than among males. Most of the burn injuries (70.5%) concerned motorcycle passengers, mainly when getting on or off the motorcycle. Among the victims, 65.3% experienced second degree burns. Conclusions included that motorcycle exhaust burns could be substantially reduced by systematically wearing long
pants and by incorporating external thermo resistant shields in the design of motorcycles. A study on exhaust burns in children by the Children's Hospital Burns Research Institute and Burns Unit in Sydney, Australia identified patients with an age range from 5 months to 15 years, and noted that surgical intervention was required in 33% of the cases. The average time taken for complete healing was 20 days, with an average of 3.5 medical visits made for each injury.

"The statistics for motorcycle exhaust burn injuries among both adults and children show the severity of this avoidable issue," stated Francesca Crolley, V.P. Business Development for Industrial Nanotech, Inc. "Our technology has been used extensively in industrial and commercial sectors to reduce the temperature of hot pipes and heat process equipment for employee safety, and to reduce hot handrail surface temperatures that heat up in direct sunlight, so it made perfect sense to extend our solutions to the motorcycle, motorbike, and ATV markets for burn prevention. The holiday season is when many of these vehicles are purchased for children as well as adults, so the timing was right to include a companion safety coating as a vital accessory to these bikes as a burn preventative."

There are approximately 200 million motorcycles in use worldwide. Southern Asia, Eastern Asia, and the Asia Pacific countries account for 58% of that number. As of 2006, it was estimated that China had 54 million motorcycles in use and was producing 22 million per year. As of 2002, India had approximately 37 million motorcycles.

Crolley continues, "Providing real and usable solutions for people around the world from all walks of life through nanotechnology is what Industrial Nanotech does... whether that means helping homeowners reduce their energy bills, helping factories protect their workers and reduce per unit costs of energy consumption, or helping children and adults have a safe ride. Better living through the science of nanotechnology is our mission."

The company is aggressively launching Nansulate(R) Cool Ride through their website at , through the Company's global network of distributors, on dedicated Facebook and Twitter sites, and at


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