Season 4: Sons Of Anarchy

Season 4: Sons Of Anarchy
Ron Perlman (center). Ron Plays the character of "Clay" Morrow on Sons of Annarchy

I am so looking forward to tonight's season premier if Sons of Anarchy. I had the pleasure of attending a Charity Ride lead by the cast members last weekend.

The ride was organized by  The Boot Campaign. It  is a grassroots initiative started by 5 women from Texas known as the Boot Girls. They provide an easy and tangible way for Americans to show support of our troops (both past and present) that’s practical and directly benefits our military. Proceeds from boot sales are donated to partner charities, who assist returning veterans dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and varying degrees of physical injuries.

The Boot Ride will provide support to U.S. veterans and directly benefits Activision Blizzards Call of Duty Endowment.  The Call of Duty Endowment is a non-profi tpublic organization which helps soldiers transition to civilian careers aftertheir military service. There were opportunities to donate to the organizations efforts even if you did not ride.

The ride went from the Angeles Forest to a location on Sunset  where the riders and members of the cast of SOA had a red carpet welcome. As usual I managed to get a quick photo with Ron Pearlman, who plays the president of the motorcycle club on the show. Katey Segal, who plays his wife, entertained the crowd by singing a country blues set. It was a great event.

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