RioThe Movie and The Motorcycle Connection





I took my nephew to see Rio yesterday. I always enjoy these types of animations, and Rio was no exception. It was wonderful. One of my favorite scenes was when Tulio and Linda jumped on a motorcycle and Tulio pretended he knew how to ride it, and ended up popping the clutch and wheelie-ing the motorcycle into the wall while spitting he and Linda off. The next scene shows a motorcycle catching air in slow motion with Linda piloting the bike and Tulio on the back. Linda lands the motorcycle like a pro, and they speed way to find her beloved bird Blu.

Jemaine Clement, who is the voice of Nigel, the cockatoo henchman, is a former student of mine. I recently trained him to ride a motorcycle in Los Angeles for his upcoming role as 'Boris' the villain alien biker in Men In Black 3. I think it's funny that he is often cast for these dark villain rolls, being that he is such a nice, soft spoken, gentle guy. I guess that's why they call it acting. I am looking forward to seeing him ride in Men In Black 3, which should be out next year.


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Sarah Lahalih and Jemaine Clement. Motorcycle training for his upcoming role as 'Boris' the villain alien biker in Men In Black 3.

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