Motorcycle Detection Warning System



It is no secret that the majority of motorcycle accidents happen as a result of motorists in cars and trucks not seeing an approaching motorcycle.

Motorcycle Warning System (MWS) was invented for that reason.

The Motorcycle Warning System (MWS) is designed to alert/signal the automotive vehicle drivers that a motorcycle is approaching and/or is in the vicinity of the automotive vehicle. An automotive vehicle driver will be made aware of one or more approaching motorcycles from any direction. A motorcycle equipped with a MWS unit will transmit its position, velocity, and a unique identification code to all automobiles which are also equipped with a MWS unit. The MWS unit in the automobile will receive the information transmitted by the motorcycle MWS unit and calculate if the MWS unit should alert the automobile driver. If a motorcycle is in a certain specified range called the "Threat Range" the MWS unit within the automobile will alert the driver via a light/sound indicator.

As soon as a motorcycle is in the threat range, the MWS light/sound indicator in the automobile will be triggered at a moderate rate, as the motorcycle approaches closer and is a number of meters away, the light/sound indicator will signal at a faster rate. The automobile driver has the option to reset the MWS. If the automobile driver did reset the MWS unit and the same motorcycle is still in threat range, the light/sound indicator will have a dimmed light and sound will be off. After a specified time if the same motorcycle is still in threat range, the MWS unit will alert the driver once more. This will continue to cycle until the motorcycle is out of the threat range. 

I do not know when this will be become available or how much it would cost, but I did find another product that is similar. The C2-270  does not require the motorcyclists to have any detection equipment. This is more of a camera system that alerts a car when a pedestrian, bicyclist, or motorcyclists in within the vision of the camera.

The C2-270 is made by Mobileye

The obvious issue is whether or not motorists would be willing to invest in such a product. Would you?


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