International Motorcycle Show, adios till next year

Well, the show has come and gone. I didn't bother to hype its coming as I figured that riders would have already made up their minds about that before the show and didn't need me to tell them what to do. The downside to that is that our dear blog readers didn't know that I was at the show for the whole time and that they could have met me. We could have shared some bike stories. In retrospect, I kinda feel bad that I missed that opportunity. My life lessons are always learned by the hardest method. Figure that I will be there next year and that you can find me at the Chicago Norton Owners Club booth/display. unless I blog differently.

BUT, what I would really like to know from our blog readers who went to the show is what they liked best and liked least? Did you get a big charge out of the stunt rider, or not? Did you like the little seminar presentations that were scattered around the show? Did you like the "Women Rider's Area" info? Was there something that you hoped to see at the show that wasn't there?

Naturally, I would like to know what made riders decide to stay away from the show this year?

And here is some food for thought about next year. I treat the anual bike show as a sort of Biker Rondezvous. We bikers get together and trade info, plans for trips, and meet a wider range of riders than we normally have a chance to see and interact with. We can evaluate several local clubs and join one for a year. The regional BMW club no longer requires owning a BMW to join their club and participate in their events. The Norton Club is open to all intersted persons. We can sit on new model bikes and not be interupted in our considerations by too eager sales staff.  Our fun at the bike show is largely determined by what we make of it. If you want to ask hard questions of out Illinois State Police regarding motorcycles, The ISP had a small booth at the show with several Motor Officers who know what it means to be a biker and willing to share what they know. I spoke with Trooper Elizabeth Diaz and very much enjoyed her straight answers and very pleasant personality. The other Troopers in the booth were likewise straight shooters and good guys to talk to.

Want to improve your riding skillz and up your fun while lowering your risk? Looking into the various riding school opportunities at the show is a lot more fun than trying to figure out what you need on-line. Naturally, you want to consider Sarah's school for a wide fariety of reasons.

Well, let me know what you think? And we have all year before we can meet at the show.





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