Tips for Parking your Motorcycle or Scooter in Chicago


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On April 11, 2007, the City of Chicago enacted a law concerning the parking of motorcycles and scooters on the public way. In addition to prescribing the manner in which motorcycles and scooters should be parked, the legislation clarifies the responsibilities of motorcycle and scooter owners when parking at pay and display meters.


Like cars and other vehicles, there are laws that require motorcycles and scooters to be parked in a certain way.

While cars and trucks are required to park parallel to the curb, motorcycles and scooters must be parked perpendicular, or at a 90 degree angle to the curb.

When parking at a pay and display machine, the receipt must be displayed on the motorcycle as follows:

The license plate of the motorcycle or scooter must be written on the receipt. This deters others from stealing or using the receipt. The receipt has an adhesive. This backing should be removed and used to post the receipt to the head lamp of the motorcycle or scooter.


There is s perforated section of the receipt which contains vital information, which you may need in case you get a ticket that you want to contest. I advise tearing off the perforated section, and taking it with you.



Residential Parking Zones:

Motorcycles and scooters may park in residential parking zones without displaying a permanent or visitor residential parking permit.

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