Motorcycle Mojo

It's the only way to describe what I have been feeling on my bike lately. I feel like I just got my motorcycle mojo back. I feel very in tune with my bike, I am riding really well, I am always in a good mood, and my energy level has increased. It is such a great hobby for mental health.

I attribute all of the above with riding on the street almost every day, and doing 3 track days last month. I have always loved and will always love riding motorcycles, but something feels different right now, and I felt the need to share it with you.

I wish I could do something to let my bike know how much I love it. Maybe I will buy it a new accessory, like a cute license plate frame, or one of those gremlin bells. Or maybe I will just promise to wash it more often.

I promise I wil not go as far as to turn my gas tank into a heart like the picture below.

Motorcycle heart tank.jpg

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