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Ducati Signs Valentino Rossi

Me and Valentino Rossi at the 2009 Indy MotoGP While the official announcement is due to be made on Monday, I have heard from a very reliable source that a deal has been made. Valentino Rossi wants to do something no one has done before. He wants to win championships with 3 different manufacturers. If anyone can do... Read more »

BEHOLD! The lowly Turnsignal.

Recently I have been considering the turnsignal. “Recently” means this year. Early in the spring when my morning commute was mostly in the dark, another rider signaled for a turn. I knew that his front turn signal was on as the flash off the cage in front of him showed that he had a bright... Read more »

Roehr Motorcycles releases the eSuperBike, the fastest electric motorcycle money can buy

  Impressed by the Brammo Empulse, which just became official earlier this week? Wait ’till you get a load of this. Roehr Motorcycles has just confirmed that its eRoehr line of bikes is now available for order, and they are quite a suite of machines. If you’re not familiar with the company, they’re about the... Read more »

To Wave...revisited

Never one to give up on a good idea nor fail to beat a dead horse as the occasion arises, I wondered if there were any instances when a wave would be mandatory or forbidden? Granted a rider should forego the wave when controlling the bike is paramount. But beyond simple safety reasons, who ought... Read more »

THIS IS IT ! ibafran

THE GREATEST MOMENTS IN ALL OF MOTORCYCLING. So. There I was. It was mid-day in late june, 2010. Riding my commute under a perfectly blue sky free of clouds from hoizon to horizon, when it hit me. The ambient temp was about 75f with maybe three or four miles of wind. All the vents were... Read more »

Route 66-The Mother Road

Last week, I was on a train in Sweden with my family on my way to my sister’s wedding. There were two Polish laborers sitting next to us. They started speaking to my brother- in- law (Daniel) in Swedish, and asked him why we were speaking in English. Daniel told them we were from the United States. One of... Read more »