To Wave, Or not To Wave...

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There are 8 million ways that bikers deliniate ourselves from each other and the general populace. This is just one of them. Is it a good way or essentially meaningless, if not plain goofy?.

Lots of us bikers bring a predisposition to the wave and rarely think about it thereafter. For those of us living in an area that has a long riding season and lots of bikes to wave to nearly all the time, it sure does get stale quick. And for those of us who rarely see another rider, the wave takes on a more exciting character. A rider who has not had the opportunity to wave to another rider in a very long time may be tempted to wave in such an excited manner as to signal a 'flag down and stop' just to meet. And what rider doesn't like to wave to little kids? And if a rider doesn't like waving to kids, shouldn't that be some sort of sign to that rider that it's time to reaccess the ol' life outlook?

Yep. I like to wave. And I wave every chance that I get. And I continue to wave long after it ceases to give me any fun. Because I ride well outside the tradition season in chicagoland, I know that there will be a few months that I see no other bikers and will miss the activity. In addition to riders and little kids, I wave to dog walkers, police, firemen, postal carriers, stoop sitters, people mowing their lawns, farmers working their fields and anybody and everybody that happens to be looking my way and might appreciate a wave. And a rider can use a wide selection of waves to stave off boredom and make the wave a bit more cheerie. I often like to use that old stand-by 'peace' sign.

No reason to be upset if you don't see a returning wave. Heck, some riders are so covered in black that a wave of a black arm in front of a black jacket will be nearly invisible. Or the rider may be so busy dealing with the traffic scenario that a wave is just not available at that moment. Even if the other rider is of the non-waving sect, I have had my fun. So, all y'all re-think your preferences on the wave and try to figure out if you are having all the fun that you can.


INTRO:  Some of you may be wondering, "Where's Sarah and who is this ibafran?" Well, Sarah has invited a few guest bloggers to share her site. I happened to be lucky. Thank you, Sarah. I hope not to let you down. There is nothing special about me that makes me a great person for this blog. I ain't too good at this digital stuff. And readin', writin', and 'rithmatic were not my strong suits when I was in school. I'm just an old biker with some experience. Nor am I very good at being a biker Guru or Seer. But, I am blessed with a wealth of opinion. So take everything I post with a huge grain of salt. I ride what may be the only silver 05 Triumph Sprint ST in chicagoland. If you see me riding, wave. If I am stopped, say "Hi" and exchange some conversation.




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  • I always wave. Some riders don't wave back, but most do. Also, I always wave first! I really don't care whether the other person waves - I ALWAYS wave. Why not? It doesn't cost anything, and it perpetuates the camaraderie we all feel. I used to teach motorcycle courses for U. of I. around the Chicago area and always told my students to wave. When they ride they are part of a "fraternity" without the handshake!

  • I only wave to motorcyclists that wear helmets :)

    I am a convert - I didn't wear one for the longest time - I started and, soon afterward, got hit by a car and it saved my life - now when I see somebody without one, I just cringe and try to look away

  • I usually just wave back with one finger!

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