Embarrassing Moments in Motorcycling

I will share some of my most embarrassing moments on two wheels (and I have many), but only if you share your stories as well.

Here is the first one.

It was the first weekend of December, 2005, the Toys for Tots Parade. My motorcycle would not start, so I decided to ride with my brother Mike on the back of his HD Heritage Softail Classic, equipped with passenger back rest. It was actually a nice change for me, I enjoyed riding as a passenger during the parade. At some point the bike stalled and would not start. We decided to try to push start it. So I got off the bike and began to push the it while Mike tried to pop it out of first gear. The first attempt failed. We tried again, failed again. My brother was about to give up, when I told him to try it in second gear instead. I got in position to push him one last time, took grip of the back rest and ran and pushed ad hard as I could.

The bike started, and as soon as it did, my instinct was to grab on to the back rest with a gorilla grip. I was dragged down Western Ave. for about 25 feet. That is the time it took for my brain to tell my hands to release the grip. Once I released the grip my body tumbled and rolled behind the motorcycle.

My brother did not witness the event at all, he was focused on the bike finally starting and keeping it running. He did however, catch me brushing myself off when he looked in his mirrors. He asked what had happened, asked if I was ok, and then we broke out into laughter until tears ran down our face. We still laugh about it.

It was a good thing I was wearing a helmet. Not only for safety, but I could not be identified. I am sure this event lives on someone's video camera, perhaps it even made it to YouTube, but know one will eve know it is me.

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  • How about riding on the 101 freeway from Los Angeles to the San Fernando a Harley Davidson Electra Glide with the hard bag open and all of my stuff flying out? I am in a MC and was wearing my patch at the time :(

    Or how about strapping me and my fiance's chaps, jackets, and a bunch of other stuff on the luggage rack of a Suzuki Marauder in San Francisco. I was wondering why people were waiving at my near Montery. Turns out it had all blown off. We went back and did not find any of it. Turns out it was freezing cold that day, and we needed the chaps, but they were dust in the wind.


  • My 2 most embarrassing biker moments of countless idiotic times, are tip-overs in front of large crowds. With a audience of hundreds I stalled and tipped over failing to execute a simple left turn in downtown Sturgis during bike week. Heard my self being talked about and laughed at in several bars later that nite. Thankfully, nobody recognized the biker dying of shame as that biker. Again, I fell off during a sweeping parking lot turn in front of a hundred schoolmates and their parents. I am still an idiot. I just don't flaunt it as well as I used to.

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