Which Oscar Nominated Movies Feature Motorcycles?


So I have been invited to an Oscar party on Sunday. Apparently we will all be competing for a prize based on our predictions of who and what will win an Academy Award.

Keeping true to my competitive nature, I have been trying to see as many of the nominated movies as I can. This way I can make more educated guesses.

Apparently I have a gift for spotting motorcycles in movies. Of the nominated movies I have seen, I have noticed motorcycles in Inglorious Bastards, The Hurt Locker, Precious, Star Trek, and Transformers.

They are not always in motion or the focal point of the scene. Sometimes they are just sitting in the background, but I never miss them.

I expect to see more motorcycles in Sherlock Holmes, Invictus and maybe even Up In The Air, The Blind Side or District 9, but I have not seen those movies yet.

Have you spotted any? Share it with us.



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