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Motorcycle Mondays at Five Star Bar

Join the Ton-Up Club on the first Monday (7-10pm) of each month for a curbside motorcycle show. Each month they celebrate a different country of origin from motorcycling’s golden years.   If you ride in on a motorcycle from the featured country, you will receive a Five Star motorcycle patch. Vote for your favorite motorcycle. Winners receive... Read more »

Jesse James-Not A Great Husband, But a Great Bike Builder

  Jesse James has been in the news quite a bit this week regarding his marriage to Sandra Bullock and his alleged infidelity. However, let’s not let that cloud his accomplishments. Jesse James did something no one had done before him. He brought the custom motorcycle culture to the mainstream. Take a look at his bio... Read more »

Are you a Biker, or a Motorcyclist?

A Waiter or a Server? A Stewardess or a Flight Attendant? Titles have always been important, but can changing the wording of a title, change the way people view you or your profession? Does it label you as a type of person beause of the image it may be associated with?       I attended a... Read more »

Tom Cruise Limps Away From Motorcycle Crash

              “It was like a scene from Mission Impossible.” That is how one witness described the incident. Tom Cruise crashed his Ducati on Sunday, after trying to avoid a collision with an SUV that had run a stop sign. The motorcycle spun out, throwing Cruise off. Witnesses said once he was back... Read more »

Which Oscar Nominated Movies Feature Motorcycles?

So I have been invited to an Oscar party on Sunday. Apparently we will all be competing for a prize based on our predictions of who and what will win an Academy Award. Keeping true to my competitive nature, I have been trying to see as many of the nominated movies as I can. This way I... Read more »