Product Review - Dual Star Heated Grip Kit

When the weather turns cold your hands can be the first to suffer.  As riders we know the importance of the hands in controlling the motorcycle, so keeping them warm is a priority.

A good set of heated grips can make all the difference in the world.

The grip heater I have come to love on all my bikes is the Dual Star Heated Grip Kit 


This kit allows you to use the grip of your choice.  It also has more heating elements on the clutch side to compensate for the heat sink effect that the handlebars can have.  It is easy to install and best of all it retails for $34.95.

If your hands are cold and you don't have factory installed heated grips, check out this kit.


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  • These and the wrap-around Symtec grips are a great choice for bikers that don't want the hassle of swapping and installing different grips each season. I wrote an article here discussing the trade-offs of the slip-on vs complete heated grip kits.

    Thanks for your selection and review of these.

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