Biker Chic for Biker Chicks

I really enjoyed reading this recent article in the LA Times. 'The Biker Look in Women's Fashion'
The author, (a female rider) comments about the current motorcycle inspired fashion trend, and attempts to put some of the clothing to the test.
I too have always struggled with the fine line between looking good (feminine), and being adequately protected while riding. When I started riding, there was no such thing as women's riding gear. I was always stuck with men's size small.

However, over the past 5 years women's motorcycle apparel has seen huge
improvements. Companies like Hein Gericke, Icon, Vanson Leathers, and
Joe Rocket are just a few that seem to be focusing on the female
demographic. Unfortunately at the moment, the most common color options are white, baby blue, pink, and don't get me started on the animal print. But they are getting very close to what the majority of female riders are looking for. Style, fit, comfort, and of course protection.


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  • From a safety perspective, anything the manufacturers can do to encourage riders to wear protective riding gear is something I support and encourage. I am amazed and disappointed at the successful marketing efforts that promote motorcycle apparel vice riding gear; I hope the trend of promoting proper riding gear continues. Protective riding gear is much more preferable to fashionable clothing.

    I suppose novelty helmets and Daytona Beech shorts fall into the same category as fashionable motorcycle apparel

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