Motorcycle Accidents On The Rise In Chicago

According to a
recent article published in the Chicago Sun-Times, motorcycle
related accidents are on the rise in Chicago.,CST-NWS-motorcycles28.article

The article claims
the that main reason there are more motorcycle accidents, is because
of the recent increase in number of riders. It also mentions that
higher gas prices is a motivating factor to switch to two wheels.
While I am sure these statements are true, more riders does not have
to mean more accidents.

Here are some
things recent studies have shown:

-There is a direct
correlation between riders who have not had any formal motorcycle
training and riders who have been involved in accidents. 92% of
riders involved in motorcycle accidents were self taught or learned
from a friend or family member.

-Running too wide
in turns is the number one cause of single vehicle motorcycle

-In almost half of
the motorcycle deaths in Illinois, the rider had alcohol in their

So sure, we can say
that motorcycle accidents are on the rise in Chicago because more
people are turning to two-wheels in order to cut down on fuel
expenses. But until riders get proper training, take the time to
really learn how to ride the motorcycle they have chosen, and refrain
from drinking and riding, those numbers will not begin to fall.

So, seasoned
riders, returning riders, new riders and hopeful riders, do not let
this article discourage you from the open road.However, do not underestimate
the value of thorough, and proper instruction. Wear proper protective
gear while riding and refrain from alcohol consumption if you are out
on your bike.

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