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Military Sportbike RiderCourse Paying Huge Dividends

Update on the success of the MSRC in helping to promote safe responsible riding. Last year the Motorcycle Safety Foundation released and began implementing the Military Sport Bike Riders Course (MSRC). This curriculum was created to answer to the rising deaths of military personnel.  Studies showed that more military personnel were being killed in off... Read more »

Red Bull Indianapolis GP

The world’s greatest motorcycle racers are coming to Indy for the second annual Red Bull Indianapolis GP on Aug. 28-30 If you have not attended a MotoGP race, you must make the time for it. There is an energy at GP races that cannot be duplicated.  While I attend and enjoy AMA races, they do... Read more »

Looks Like Confederate Motor Company Has Done It Again...

P120 Fighter Combat Bike I am a big fan of Confederate’s designs. My least favorite is the Wraith, but it still has some great features. I must admit, just thinking about the Hellcat Combat makes me drool a bit. I have not had the pleasure of riding any of  these machines, (which have a base price of... Read more »

Experienced Riders Course (ERC)

This past week I conducted an ERC for military personnel at Great Lakes Naval Station, just north of Lake Bluff. The ERC was designed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). It was designed for riders who already have the motorcycle endorsement, and who have ridden 1000 miles recently on the bike they will be riding in... Read more »

Picking Up A Dropped Motorcycle

It has happened to the best of us. It happens when we are moving it around the garage, when we loose our footing at a stop light, and obviously when we have a crash.If you do not have anyone to help you pick the bike up, or if you just choose to do it alone... Read more »

Italian Moto Brunch

Hosted by DRILL (Ducati Riders of Illinois) Saturday, August 08, 2009 Bring out those Italian machines for some brunch and go for a ride in near by Kettle Moraine. You can’t have enough friends with Italian bikes!! From Aprilia to Vespa…..we want to see them! Come join us.Contact: Eric 11am the 2nd Saturday of... Read more »

Helmet Safety Certifications

If you choose to wear a helmet when you ride, (and I hope you do). There are a two certifications in the US to be aware of. It is critical to note that helmets have been continually shown to be effective in reducing head injury, regardless of what standard they might meet.  The only noteworthy... Read more »

Motorcycle Accidents On The Rise In Chicago

According to a recent article published in the Chicago Sun-Times, motorcycle related accidents are on the rise in Chicago.,CST-NWS-motorcycles28.article The article claims the that main reason there are more motorcycle accidents, is because of the recent increase in number of riders. It also mentions that higher gas prices is a motivating factor to switch... Read more »