Shopping for Your First Motorcycle - 5 Tips to Make Sure You Do it Right!

images.jpegEvery time I see my friend Kat's motorcycle, I laugh at
how she picked it out.  With full-blown
access to me - can you believe she bought her bike just because it was white
and silver? Her favorite color combo no less, but REALLY? A Harley Davidson Fat Boy? Probably not the right bike for her 5' 2" 106 pound (beginner rider) frameAlthough we are all motivated by
different styles, designs and even colors when we look at our vehicle
choices.  Choosing a motorcycle
should be like picking out that great pair of blue jeans.  It has to fit you right!

What should I buy for my first

This is a very common question, especially for first time riders. 
If you have access to friends that own a few different styles of
bikes, you have an opportunity to compare some of the important
features.  Here is a list of 5 tips to make this process easier
and less frustrating.

      First determine what style of
bike you are attracted to: cruiser, sport, dual purpose, naked, etc. 
Within each of these genres you will find a model that works for you.

Do you like to tinker? If not, choosing an older project bike or
vintage model may not be the right choice for you. They usually
require quite a bit of maintenance, and there are not may mechanics
on Chicago that like working on them. However, if vintage is your
style, then its totally worth it.

      Make sure you consider your
riding ability.  If you are a true beginner do not purchase your
motorcycle before you learn how to ride properly. Take a Motorcycle
Safety Foundation course ( are public and
private courses offered in your area, and you will learn the basics
you need to help you get licensed and get on the road. If already you
know how to ride, be honest with yourself about your riding ability,
and choose a motorcycle that corresponds with your skill level.

      Really consider size and fit.
Choose a seat height that allows you to be flat footed on the when
seated on the bike. Choose a riding position that is comfortable for
your body shape and size. Choose an engine size that corresponds
with your riding ability and the type of riding you are going to be
doing. Sit on all of the models that attract you, and one will fit
just right.

Y    Your budget is a no brainer. 
Figure out how much you can afford and stick to it.  Consider
the insurance costs and whatever additional work you will need to put
into it if it is used or you want to do some customizing.

      Consider what type of riding
you are going to be doing. Short commutes, city riding, long distance
trips, will you be carrying a passenger, do you need storage space?

      These are just some of the
important things to consider when purchasing a motorcycle. Be
practical, but get something that will make you happy. Part of being
happy is being confident and comfortable on your machine. A large
part of that comes from choosing the bike that is just right for


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  • So far I must say you have been right on the money.

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