The Daily Grind- Sunroofs: Let in the Light and Potentially Cause Several Hundred Deaths... Simultaneously.

The Almighty Sunroof

Caution: May Cause Mass Casualties and a Nice Tan

From a weather standpoint, today is a beautiful day. Gazing down at the thermometer on my vehicle's information display, I noticed that it was a supposed 60 degrees outside, which placed it 10 degrees above my "...warm enough to open the sunroof and share my personal space with the world" rule. So as the sun glistened off of the rims of my aviator-style glasses, I realized that I NEEDED to put on some good music to project to the inhabitants occupying the atmosphere surrounding my vehicle, but the question was- What the hell should I be "broadcasting?" After all, people do judge us based upon what they hear.

Sitting at a stoplight I began to frantically "shuffle" through the music stored on my Android. Disco? No. Trance? Nope, out of glowsticks. Classical? Mmmm... Not invading an enemy territory. Rap? Uh... Look to hipsteresque today to be taken seriously. Classic Rock? Bingo! So with a few touches of the screen, Bruce Springsteen was being delivered via Bluetooth to my sound system, which was then pumped out through 8-speakers for the world to hear. All of this fared well for the first 30 seconds or so, but then it hit me; What if the people around me don't like Bruce?

I mean almost EVERYONE likes Bruce, but what if I inadvertently offend some hardcore, Tea Party supporter who doesn't share his Liberal views and is now going to wage war on Long Branch, New Jersey? Or what if someone within earshot whose lover committed infidelity to a Springsteen song is now reminded of the heartbreaking encounter, and is now driven into a manic-depressive, downward spiral? Shit. All I wanted to do was enjoy the sunshine and listen to Springsteen, but now I may have just unknowingly caused a potential civil war and perhaps the potential homicide of an unfaithful lover! Moral of the story: Sunroofs and powerful sound systems can be a deadly combination, so please use with caution while enjoying the lovely weather.

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