The Daily Grind- Quick Quips from My Mind Throughout the Week for Your Enjoyment

Some people say that inspiration strikes like lightning. For me, in clearly came in the form of a pothole that ruptured the sidewall of my tire and instantly left me with a loose pile of rubber, sagging off of an alloy rim. Now I may not be able to pinpoint the exact minute, but I would say that around the time I was finished bolting on my doughnut of a spare tire, a simple idea lodged itself into my brain. I must blog more... much more.

After sorting out some family matters and work-related travel over the past few weeks, my "vision" became clear. Please allow me to present you with "The Daily Grind." Unlike my usual blog that I tend to release on Sundays, The Daily Grind will appear several times throughout the week and consist of a simple paragraph or two of whatever automotive related topic I feel like writing at that particular moment. From automotive news to the Lexus driver who happened to cut me off in the Home Depot parking lot, The Daily Grind will give you a more unfiltered look into motoring as well as into this author. Look for The Daily Grind segments to be coming soon.


Johnny "Bones" Basile

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