Quality Over Quantity: My Quest to Make a Better Blog

Good evening ladies, gentlemen and/or whoever else subscribes to my modest blog. I know I haven't posted a random rambling in a while, but please know that I have been thinking about you and ways to make this blog better. After sorting out some personal issues as well as finishing up some business related trips, I took some time for reflection and to let my brain catch up to my body. During this period of serious brain filtering, I thought of all you wonderful readers and friends who support my blog.

In an attempt to make every word I post more meaningful, I have decided to only author blogs and posts that are truly worthy of your time and attention. That stated, "Wreck it Wednesdays" and "Failure Fridays" will now only be special installments and not weekly filler. Also, when they do get posted, I will ensure that they contain more substance and that are worthy of both your time and mine.

I truly respect you the reader and know that there are better things you can be doing than reading my brain dribblings contained within this blog, so that is why I want to give you quality over quantity. I thank all of you (along with the amazing Chicago Now team) for supporting me this far. Now it is time for me to take the wheel and bring you more interesting and thought provoking content. Good stuff is coming soon!

Does driving in Chicago have you or do you have a vehicle related question? Then feel free to reach out and vent your frustrations in the comment section below!

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