Disabling the Already Disabled is NOT FUNNY!

Disabling the Already Disabled is NOT FUNNY!

It’s not easy having any kind of a disability. Like many I try to deal with mine with a touch of humor. But what has been happening this year with Congress is scary. Especially for people like me.

First, let me tell you why YOU NEED TO CARE about this. You’re not disabled. Your insurance is already too expensive but it covers everything you need. You have a job. You can get around wherever you need to and when you need to. Your family is healthy.

So was I only 8 years ago! So were many families like ours when a family member had a sudden illness or accident. Or maybe it’s just that you or your parents are simply getting older and may soon require something more than just two legs to get around.

Being disabled does not sneak up on most families. Almost no one prepares for the incredible number of difficulties that arise. At some point in your life, you or a close member of your family, will have some kind of a disability.

So what is Congress doing that is so bad for the disabled?

Trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act, aka Obama Care for one. Why is that so bad? Let’s say your spouse becomes disabled in any way. Can you rely that your current insurance will continue to cover all of the medical bills? Without limit? Remember that a high deductible at $6,000 looks cheaper when a year’s worth of a single medication costs over $50,000 or a surgeon charges $25,000. Or more.

If you spouse holds the insurance, what happens when they can’t work? You may think you don’t have to care about pre-existing conditions. Just one thing can mean no insurance coverage at all. The same goes if your company changes insurance carriers. Or you change companies.

I guess you’ll have to resort to Medicaid. But you say that’s only used by indigent single mothers who are probably taking drugs and those undocumented immigrants. AGAIN WRONG!

Medicaid is used by people who cannot afford their own health care costs PERIOD. Without insurance, that would mean almost every family with someone who is disabled in any way. And it’s not automatic. First you would have to pay out almost all of your savings, insurances, 401K, etc. to cover medical bills until you’re down to the very low threshold allowed by your state.

With Obama Care, instead you would pay insurance rates based upon your new family income. And the federal government will contribute to your state to make up the difference. You and your family would carry a regular insurance card and choose your doctors from the plan.

Without Obama Care, your state would go back to paying for your medical care. If you live in Illinois, that’s a very very scary thought. Remember the long lines at County Hospital?

And repeal of Obama Care is just one of the barriers they are attempting to erect in front of us. Next blog I’ll tell you about HR 620!

What can you do?

Contact your U.S. Senators and Congressman. Go to

Go to sites like,, or other sites that are fighting against the repeal.

Most of all, share the information. BE VOCAL! Make others realize what this really means.

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