Pinning My Hopes Against Hate

Pinning My Hopes Against Hate

When I cast my vote for President last week I felt that I was casting it against hate. Especially for the past eight years I have felt that haters in our country have become more and more embolden to speak and act out. How they feel that doing this somehow makes our country better is ludicrous at least to me.

I wondered how I can make any kind of a statement of my own that would signify that I am not a person of hate. That I am happy to speak up and act out to protect someone from the bullies and haters.

I didn’t think it would be as simple as wearing a safety pin. Well, then again it’s really not.

Today a small meme on Facebook showing that a simple safety pin could be a tool against hate got me to research it more. PBS had a news item about it -

So if I wear a safety pin proudly that will indicate to all that I am a completely open minded non-hating person even though I’m white as snow? WRONG!

What if, instead of just wearing a pin, it begins to symbolize that we will actually speak up and take action against the haters? Instead of turning away, pretending you didn’t hear or see, say something like “Stop that you jerk!” And add to others around “Are you going to let him get away with this?”

Let it mean that I really do want to see everyone as an individual and not label or make assumptions based upon their color, speech, dress, or mannerisms. I want it to mean that I am open to being corrected if I do say something that may be inappropriate.  That I’ll do my best to actually understand the problems being faced by minority groups.

So I will wear a safety pin. And I hope others will as well. But not only as just a symbol. But to indicate that I’m ready and willing with my actions and words behind it.

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