Happy Being a White Sox Fan in this Year of the Cubs

Happy Being a White Sox Fan in this Year of the Cubs

Everywhere you go, look or read in Chicago right now you’ll see signs cheering on the Chicago Cubs. Whether it’s blue fountains, lights in high rises, or W flags being flown on houses it’s hard not to notice that this is the Year of the Cubs.

I’m a White Sox fan. Yet I still want the Cubs to keep on winning.

Why? Because that would make this post season even easier for me. Since the season is over for this year’s not too great White Sox it has been easy to relax and just enjoy the frenzy from the “other siders”.

As a Sox fan, I can go to bed whenever I choose. Sleep peacefully and find out the score of the west coast Cubs’ game in the morning.

My nails look a lot better this year than they did in 2005.  Not so for many of my Cubs friends.

I can watch whatever I want on TV each evening.  I can even enjoy each wonderful October evening without any TV at all.

I can wear any color I want, even black and white.

I’m not scouting for the cheapest play-off tickets I can find. Or trying to determine how much my budget would allow to buy one. Or simply sulking because there is no way I’d be able to afford to be there in person.

And if the Cubs do win the World Series, which I feel I can say without jinxing the results, I will be even happier.

No more “Maybe next year”

No more blaming the goat or Bartman.

And there will be a lot of happy people around Chicago.

Until the election…

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