Facebook Privacy Hoax --- AGAIN!

Facebook Privacy Hoax --- AGAIN!

IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN!!! People are being conned and think that by posting a declaration on their Facebook page that their information is safe. WRONG!!!

Instead you NEED to check your privacy settings on Facebook. And they've made it easy for you. Look at the top of your FB page and on the right you'll see a padlock symbol. Click it and visit each section and carefully choose what you want to share and with whom.

Even then you need to remember that your profile photo and your Facebook name ARE PUBLIC. And even if you've made sure that your posts can only be seen by your friends (do you always look at the box next to the post button to make sure?). And you think you've protected your friends’ names, your phone number and email address. Remember this:

ANYTIME you like or share a public photo, video or post, the originator of that post now has your profile photo and Facebook name. If you haven't protected the rest of your info they then have all of that as well.

For example, a friend posted this photo today. Don't worry. I'm just showing a screenshot I took of it and have hidden the information of the person who shared it.

I knew I'd seen that photo before so I tried to do a Google image lookup on it. First problem, if I simply clicked on the photo it would have taken me to an outside of Facebook website or may even download a virus. I didn't do that. Instead I took a screen shot and then did a google image search. You know those smiling soldiers? They are actually Russian troops and it was originally on a Russian Army website.

Then I hovered over the ID of the original poster named Flamur. The name alone should have been a warning. But then I saw their FB page was post after post of photos they had pulled from other sites or people. In other words they were click baiting you. If you liked or shared the post, they now have your Facebook name and profile photo. If you clicked on it, I'd be sure to run a malware scan using several different detection programs.

BE SMART in the future. Posting a notice doesn't do a thing. Check out where that post is coming from. BUT FIRST, check your own privacy.screen-shot-10-18-16-at-03-31-pm

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