Therapy? Yes, please and thank God.

It’s my firm belief that, in own peculiar ways, we’re all screwed up. Everybody has weirdness in their family, everyone has endured some kind of trauma; no life is always perfect all the time. When my ex-husband and I finally went to marriage counseling, it was too late. I knew that, but couldn’t in good... Read more »

Stormy Weather Or, Navel gazing after a couple of glasses of wine.

My children are successful. They are academically gifted, they have friends, they play sports and games and sing and are generally happy. I look at them and I think, I did okay. We made it. Most of the time, I think that. And then something happens with their dad, and a look crosses one of... Read more »

How to deal with a difficult mother-in-law? Don't.

Every time I think the bat-in-law (That’s what I call her. But only in private. Never in front of my children.) has reached a new level of “Are you KIDDING me?” somehow she reaches deep inside and pulls out even more what-the-f*ck and we’re off to the races yet again. This time, it involved my... Read more »
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Courtly attire: What's a girl to wear?

Just a quick post today. I’m due in court for yet another ridiculous motion filed by my ex-husband. Technically, I don’t have to go today, but I want the judge to see me there in the courtroom, and keep it personal for him. I don’t know that that makes any difference, but it does for... Read more »

Five Financial Things Every Married Woman Should Do

My mother was devastated when I told her that Jack* and I were getting a divorce. She loved him. He is the father of her beloved grandchildren. She trusted him because I trusted him. Completely. Here’s some free advice: Don’t ever trust your spouse with all your finances. I’m not the only stay at home... Read more »

You have millions of dollars and you want me to pay what?

When you’re a middle class young woman from a small town who marries into a wealthy family from a big city, there’s a steep learning curve. We didn’t have many extras when I was growing up; my family is filled with academics and it’s only in the past twenty years that teachers have started to... Read more »

And So It Begins: A Tale of Divorce

There’s an idea that everyone has a line in the sand; a point at which, like Martin Luther, you say Here I Stand. Popular culture and literature alike are filled with examples of people who faced impossible odds but dug in and found ways to not just survive but conquer, flourish, triumph. That’s great for... Read more »