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Last Minute Tax Tips and Business Mixer in Oakbrook

Bringing in some last minute tax tips w/Jeanne!
If you haven’t done so already, here’s some last minute tax tips I shared this morning on WCIU’s “You and Me This Morning Show” to help you file your income tax return before Tax Day on April 16th, 2012! 1. File an Extension if You Need More Time – Form 4868 Provides for 6-month extension... Read more »

Don't Run Your Personal Finances Like the Government

Are you looking for a great model to follow when planning your personal finances and household budget?  Well, don’t follow your favorite uncle and cousin.  The US Government AND “cousin” Illinois are terrible at leading the way with how their own financial affairs are managed. While sitting in St. Maarten this past week uploading photos,... Read more »

How a Debt Crisis Affects Your Retirement

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Have you wondered how the government’s poor stewardship of our taxes may affect your future income and financial stability in retirement?  What about the European debt crisis affecting us here in the United States? As if times today weren’t hard enough, this issue affects both young, old and everyone in between.  All need to be... Read more »

What's Your Financial Backup Plan?

Saturday, May 21st came and went.  Sorry Mr. Camping, but we’re still here – another reprieve for the world, a disappointment for a small few.  So what happens now?  It has to be acknowledged that the human psyche will unfailingly attach emotions to an event or their goals with no thought for a Plan B.... Read more »

Lower Your Taxes - Free Money Smart Webinar Tonight

Are you tired of hearing government problems that eventually place the burden on us taxpayers by finding ways to increase taxes? For example, Illinois just increased it’s state income tax by 66% two weeks ago while 46 out of 50 states are simultaneously in financial turmoil. As many of us where inspired with President Obama’s... Read more »

Calling for Backup-The Invested Life Season 1 Episode 4

Calling for Backup-The Invested Life Season 1 Episode 4
Tom has come to the decision in taking financial action.  He wants to know how to properly invest his money in the stock market.  Therefore, I set up a meeting between him and investment advisor,  Ed Butowsky.  Ed happens to be in the Santa Fe, NM area while meeting with other clients and does a... Read more »

Reducing Taxes, Roth IRAs and Home-based Businesses with Sandy Botkin, CPA, Esq

Reducing Taxes, Roth IRAs and Home-based Businesses with Sandy Botkin, CPA, Esq
EXCERPT from the last show of 2010 on the Real Estate on Radio Show! You gotta hear this info and how it can improve your financial situation…totally applicable to what you do through 2011! Listen to internet radio with Money Smart Show on Blog Talk Radio Folks we welcome to the show, Mr. Sanford, or... Read more »