Chicago Financial Coach Matt Sapaula Grabs Lunch with Hillary Clinton and President Aquino of the Philippines

How would you respond if you received an email inviting you to Washington DC for a special lunch with Hilliary Clinton and the President of the Philippines?  I thought I was getting PUNK'D flying to DC and getting pitched to invest in Nigerian gold.

When I arrived, it was all pomp and circumstance and finding myself surrounded by the "who's who" of Filipino-Americans in business, entertainment, science, politics, etc.

From a kid growing up in a middle-class home, graduating from Morton West High School in Berwyn and now sitting next to an Ambassador, I felt like I was in a dream.

Freakin' surreal.

Enjoy this experience from the perspective of a Chicago financial coach working hard to make dreams come true!

People in this video:

  • Jasmine Villegas (@JasmineVillegas) - Recording Artist (Sings anthem before Manny Pacquiao fights)
  • Nicole Anderson (HeyItsNicoleA) - Actress (Jonas Brothers, Beauty and the Beast)
  • Amanda Evora (@Amanda_Evora) - 2010 Olympic Figure Skater
  • Eugene Amano - NFL Offensive Lineman #54 Tennesee Titans
  • Michael Copon - Actor, Director (Power Rangers, Conan the Barbarian)
  • Ernie Reyes Sr and Jr - Actor, Director, Fight Choreographer, Stuntman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Rundown)
  • Mark Dacascos, Actor, Martial Artist (Host of the Iron Chef)

What's next, a beer with Obama?  Looking forward to it...



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