Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! O Holy Night Using T-Pain App

What does this blog post have to do with personal finance and entrepreneurship?  Absolutely nothing! Just wanted to take a quick break before I go on holiday vacation break to sing you "O Holy Night!" with my newly downloaded T-Pain app on my iPhone 4s.  (Which I'm loving by the way!)

I'm not one for decorations and ornaments but my Filipino DNA cannot resist a good karaoke moment.

On a serious note, this year I took time to really read the lyrics of Oh Holy Night.  Wow...powerful words.  As I hear it ringing across Chicago in all the radio stations, I'm laughing under my breath since most are just conditioned to hear the song but literally tuned out from the actually meaning of the words.

Well, I hope this rendition shares the joy my son and I have of the greatest birthday celebration on Earth.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!! See you next year!!

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