#1 Investment You Can Make In Any Season

What is one of the most profound things you can do before you decide to invest your hard earned money and precious time in anything?  There are no shortcuts to success.  There is no fast path to getting what you want without regret and heartache along the way.

The biggest thing you can do is get past the shiny brochures, motivation to buying "stuff" thinking that you'll impress other people and jumping on the bandwagon because "everyone else" is doing it.

Be your own person.  No one has the exact same dreams you do or unique abilities you do.

In my experience and observing the success of some of the most happiest AND wealthiest people (sometimes these two don't go hand-in-hand) is taking a step back and first investing in YOU.  Here are a few points to help you do that:

1. Establish Your "WHY" Factor - what really is your motivation for making money and growing your financial net worth? Is it taking care of your parents, providing for your children options you didn't have, being part of serving or helping people around you get what they want?  If it's just for obtaining "things" for the sake of seeing who will have the most toys, your journey will be short lived and/or lacking.  If your dreams aren't bigger than just you, then there's a problem with your dream.

Write down several "WHYs" and keep them close.  It'll get you past temporary setbacks and overcome challenges along the way.

2. Establish the Right Company - I hate to say it, but there are some past or even current friends/family members that don't always serve as the best support group to help you get to where you want to go.  In fact, they are the ones that subconsciously nix your plans and ideas because your remind them of what they are not doing.  Therefore, their non-supportive opinions and actions come from a place of keeping you where they feel comfortable having you...mediocre.

You know you're in the right company when you feel you're not the smartest, richest or even the most good-looking person in the bunch.  Although uncomfortable, this helps build up your self-image, self-confidence and reassurance to another level.  Don't let pride, ego or "minor tiffs" get in your way.  As P. Diddy (founder of Sean Jean and hip-hop mogul) would say, "Stop the bitch-assness!"

3. Establish the Conferences You'll Attend - We have a saying amongst our Money Smart community - you build your business from event to event.  Decide which conferences, association symposiums or expos you will INVEST time, travel, hotel and food to attend...and take people you care about with you.  Isn't this why colleges, universities attract students from all over the world to bring them to higher learning?  The same principle applies to your financial and business growth.  Learning is a lifelong event where the true education is leaving the classroom, getting beat up in the real world and going back to the drawing board  to make adjustments. (This is what this video represents from taking the Money Smart Team to Fresno, CA for a financial/entreprenuership conference!)

I hope this helps you evaluate your existing circumstances and allows you the steps to continue pursuing your American Dream.

WARNING: this process is uncomfortable and you just may dislike me for sharing these tips. However, when you get to your dream vacation or reach goals you'd never thought of before...at least send me a postcard sharing your Corona moment.

If you would like to connect with a networking group, a financial conference or workshop, I may provide you with some ideas and trustworthy associates by sending me an email - mgsapo@gmail.com

Now go get 'em!

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