Matt Sapaula Experiences Zumba After Financial Segment

At a recent TV appearance providing tips to viewers of WGN's Morning News, I happened to catch the next segment that had much more fun! Please don't judge my Zumba moves yet, but the music playing in the background caught my attention and I just HAD to participate!.

I was reminded that in the pursuit of happiness and financial independence, your "health" is your first wealth!

And oh yeah, I have to admit, Zumba is pretty fun!

I've got to say, Chicago area is filled with clubs and fitness centers to get the level of health and wellness to achieve higher levels of wealth.

What good is it for you to gain the world, yet lose it all to medical bills and prescription drugs to keep up with a non-stop work lifestyle?  I've seen many people pursuit financial gain, work non-stop 60-80 hour work week...yet have to spend all they have made just to regain their health.

Sounds kind of stupid, eh?

Hopefully, a few things to consider (your balance of health and fitness) on your journey to path of happiness,  wealth and financial independence.



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