How a Debt Crisis Affects Your Retirement

Have you wondered how the government's poor stewardship of our taxes may affect your future income and financial stability in retirement?  What about the European debt crisis affecting us here in the United States?

As if times today weren't hard enough, this issue affects both young, old and everyone in between.  All need to be aware how this may challenge how you will have enough money in the future to sustain a lifestyle you've become accustomed to...or desire to have.

Some economists say there a number of warning signs that the US could fall back into a recession, thousands of jobs lost and the stock market dipping back again into the negatives.

Although this segment was shot back in August, what is happening now with the European Debt Crisis in addition to the current issues here in America create compounding negative ripples in our changing economy.

With proper education, communication with your financial professional, you can avoid and minimize these affects and come out ahead.

As we are giving it our best shot to set an example, our team and professional associations continue to share a financial message of hope as evidenced by our intentional plans to surrounding ourselves with people who have answers.

We can either sit back and complain, or roll with the punches and do what my fellow Marines do in a time of crisis...improvise, adapt and overcome.

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