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To Roth IRA or Not to Roth IRA

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Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs are financial vehicles designed for retirement. If you’re not participating in a 401(k) plan at work, you may be enticed to contribute money towards an IRA because it comes with tax deductibility and tax credits based on how you file income taxes. Although the upfront benefits of an IRA are... Read more »

Establishing Your Financial Priorities - The Invested Life Season 2 Episode 4

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After a big loss in the Tech Bubble making Tom shy away from the stock market, I felt it best to introduce Tom to Gregory White, an Adjunct Professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. While Gregory takes notes, he helps Tom understand the concern he has for his family’s welfare in... Read more »

Getting the Most From Your Financial Coach

Do you cherish the typical experience when visiting a doctor?  You sit in a waiting room long past your appointment time.  A nurse eventually takes your vital signs as you explain the reasons for your visit. In your best words, you explain your discomfort. Your doctor comes in, briefed by the nurse and their assessment. ... Read more »

Winning the Money Game - The Invested Life Season 2 Episode 3

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In this episode, I draw an analogy of winning the money game with my favorite sport…football!  I explain that in order to win the money game, you have to think of your financial strategies like building a championship football team. With Tom’s current investments in real estate, I make an analogy that this is like... Read more »
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