Life Insurance: Also An Alternative for Your Safe Money

Do you realize that a possible safe haven for your serious money, may be found in the life insurance industry?  Have your heard people saying, "I know I need to save and invest...but I just don't want to LOSE anything!"

In this video, shot at the studios of Chicago's WIND 560 AM, I review the basic four "homes" for your money.  You can place your money for long-term savings, such as planning for retirement or your kid's college education in these general financial categories:

  1. Banks
  2. Stock Market
  3. Real Estate
  4. Life Insurance

Sitting with me in studio is Mike Frisini, a real estate investor and David Mierswa, a business and estate planning attorney.  With hindsight being 20/20 and what has happened in the market, keep in mind this segment was done almost 3 years ago!

After listening to these several points, which industry do you think has felt less of an economic impact and has resulted in more predictability and to some extent, safety for your money?

You guessed it - the life insurance industry!  The proof is officially "in the pudding" after the few years that have passed by since this segment.

I hope this helps create added awareness to help you ask better quality questions to those that help you plan the handling of your own personal finances.

The life insurance industry should no longer be something you think about for when someone only dies...but rather for someone who wants to live for very long time.

Oh and, life insurance is the only financial tool that can grow your money tax-deferred, be accessed tax-free (via loan/withdrawal) and blossoms in value tax-free at your death to the people you designate as your beneficiary while bypassing a lengthy probate court THAT to a mutual fund, piece of real estate or a bank account.

Aren't you glad this is Life Insurance Awareness Month?




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