Money Smart Week Financial Expert Panel Notes: Financial Focus 2011

What should an investor be most focused on in their current financial decision making?  Earlier last week, I promised you my notes from a financial expert panel discussion held during the Money Smart Week Preview Party 2011 at the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

They panel was chocked full of "intellectual-financial-martial-arts" from these experts surrounding the theme of "Financial Focus 2011: What's on the Shortlist":

  • Jack Ablin - Chief Investment Officer, Harris Private Bank
  • David Herro - Chief Investment Officer at Harris Associates
  • Gail Marks Jarvis - Financial Columnist, Chicago Tribune
  • Jon Najarian -, CNBC TV Contributor

Financial Expert Panel on "Financial Outlook 2011 - What on the Shortlist?" (Post Of The Day)

Here are my notes from their comments as it boiled around to addressing these two main points:

  1. Risk
  2. Making a plan       

DISCLAIMER: These notes should not be misunderstood as financial planning or investment advice
and should serve only as discussion points with your financial

  • Why are we feeling so badly when the markets are doing well?  Hello, the markets are showing very positive signs!
  • What should people think about this "risk"?  People didn't know risk before the recession! We thought stocks go up 10% each year and not knowing that it was an average.  Before Japan disaster, people were JUST starting to put money in stocks n mutual it's a black swan!
  • Get acclimated to volatility! Get used to ups and downs of the economy and proper asset allocation in tough times!!
  • Not what your stress test is in tough times!
  • Why is it during 10 years you made nothing! But if you've invested since Oct 2008 up til now you would have made 300%! (Not sure what specific investment or index the panel was referring to, worthwhile to have this discussion with your advisor)
  • Markets influenced by public policy...war creates the market to go sideways versus up and down
  • Current market will go sideways until 2015
  • Managing risk unless you have a 20 yr time horizon is the primary concern!!
  • Investing is...a psychological thing...would you buy apple if it was down $50 a share?
  • The reason why people sell out is cause they don't have a plan!!  If you don't have a plan, you easily fall prey to fear and lack of confidence causing poor financial decisions.
  • Target date funds - for those don't know how to invest (poll says that less than 2-3% knew how to invest) Gail Marks Jarvis talks about target date funds lost 30% at a time when people needed this for their retirement. Because target date funds don't tell you what us in them!!
  • Don't be out in dummy funds and be told "Trust us!" Don't trust in words, trust in numbers!!!
  • Our workforce must be educated (overtime) we have to "paper-over" balance with inflation
  • Can u spend a half hour to an hour a week to learn about personal finances?
  • With education, you'll stick to your convictions (or not)!
  • One of the reasons why people sell at the wrong time is because they think "other people" know better!
  • Insurance for traders - they buy "put protection"
  • (As someone yells from the crowd) What do you do About China? (Panel replies) Ignore them...
  • Take a growth preservation attitude. With most wealthy people if their net worth doubled, their lifestyle would not change.  HOWEVER, if it was cut in half, it would change!!
  • How do we add over 266k jobs, unemployment down to 8.8% and yet consumer confidence is down? Gas prices are holding us back...the same forces that drive up energy costs are the same forces that can drive it down.
  • They say buy low sell high buy we never do it! -Gail Marks Jarvis
  • How many millionaires you know invest in savings accounts?? <---GOOD POINT!

While taking a tour through open outcry pit on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, here's some banter I took notes from a trader walking us around:

Bill showing how he places a trade, using the words &quot;put&quot;, &quot;call&quot; and if need be, &quot;OH LORD!&quot; (Post Of The Day)

Bill, taking us on a tour of the trading floor and open outcry pit

  • Money you invest in the stock market it better be money you can burn!!!!
  • If you wanna be a trader, go one year in the business and hope you break even.  If you can, you'll be successful in the future!!

Stay tuned to a vlog from a panel I hosted at Columbia College highlighting "Entreprenuers in the Arts" who are balancing what they love, the tough economy and how they pay the bills! 

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