Money Smart Week 2011 KICKOFF! 500+ FREE personal finance classes offered

Have you struggled in the area of personal finance and managing your money?  Have you been financially frustrated and confused about important decisions about investments, renting versus owning your home, helping send your kids to college or how to get out of debt, to name a few?

Money Smart Week Chicago has officially begun, April 2-9, 2011, where 500+ FREE personal finance classes are offered throughout Chicagoland .  You can learn from financial experts, investment advisors, bank representatives, financial educators first hand at no cost but your time and attention.  NOTHING is sold during these classes so you can rest assured that you will hear no investment, bank account or credit pitches...just pure education.
You can find a FREE class on your area of interest in personal finance here.

Last night I attended the Money Smart Week preview party at the Chicago Board Options Exchange.  In addition to the networking with these financial "Who's Who" of Chicago, we had a chance to hear from an panel on the topic of "Financial Focus 2011: What's on the Shortlist?"

This panel included:
Jack Ablin - Chief Investment Officer,
Harris Private Bank

David Herro - Chief Investment Officer
at Harris Associates

Gail Marks Jarvis - Financial Columnist,
Chicago Tribune

Jon Najarian -, CNBC
TV Contributor

My notes from this expert panel discussion to come on a separate post to come early next week. (UPDATE: My notes from this financial expert panel now LIVE!)

Where I'll be for Money Smart Week

This year will be as panel moderator at Columbia College, April 7, 2011 from 12pm-1pm.  The topic is "Entrepreneurs in the Arts" which will be an exciting discussion with Chicago-based, young business owners on how they've taken their passion/hobby into becoming successful entrepreneurs in a tough economy. 

If you're looking to network and learn from their experiences, take your lunch break here!

Remember, your financial future depends on the books you read, the meetings or workshops you attend and the people you surround yourself with! 


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  • Good stuff Matt, can't wait to read the post detailing your notes. We're excited about Money Smart Week here in Detroit - I'll be speaking several times this week as well.

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