Learning from Financial Coach Matt Sapaula, the MoneySmart Guy

These past few weeks have been for me much like someone parched of thirst attempting to drink from a firehose.  I've been blessed by the mentorship of a very old friend of mine, Matt Sapaula, with whom my personal friendship goes back to junior high.  Aside from sharing the same Filipino-American culture, we mirrored each other's career paths, with the both of us each having served two enlistments in the military - his with the Marines and I with the Navy.  We left military service to serve others in the financial arena, with Matt achieving meteoric milestones in terms of success and visibility, and I moving up the ranks in the mortgage industry from loan officer to General Manager.  Matt's success led him to financial coaching, where his personal crusade to enlighten the financially ignorant masses could be given full flight and dispel the gloom and doom rhetoric that pervades our media today.

It was inevitable that we would cross paths professionally.  My experience as a mortgage broker has given me a unique perspectie with regard to personal financing.  My own financial journey with Matt began in March and I've had many epiphanies of my own since - the most compelling is recognizing that for years, I had supported and encouraged the paying down of a mortgage without realizing its effect of eliminating your largest tax deduction from the interest.  While I helped many families find their first home or saved others thousands with their mortgage, I'm proud to admit that none of my clients (many of whom have become my friends) have lost their home because of a mortgage that was inappropriate to their needs. 

Unfortunately, I'm not the only real estate professional who found himself working under the same misconceptions.

Over the next few days, I will be highlighting the second season of The Invested Life, a reality show on MSNBC and sponsored by TD Ameritrade, which is co-hosted by my mentor, Matt Sapaula, who is the show's financial guru from Chicago.  In this season, Matt has been assigned to help, Tom Stanley, a prominent Chicago real estate investor, who suffered a major financial setback because of the housing market, leaving him 'house rich and cash poor'.

Welcome to my own personal journey as we follow Tom and Matt with theirs.


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