Stable in Santa Fe - The Invested Life SEASON ONE FINALE

Stable in Santa Fe - The Invested Life SEASON ONE FINALE

For the season finale (episode 6), Tom takes me out hiking on a trail in the Santa Fe mountains at 9,000 feet!  Talking about money as such high altitudes has me short of breath...probably why we are here so I can shut up and enjoy the view! LOL!

When we do not understand something, our natural tendency is to reject things and Tom was no different.  At this point, I am so glad that Tom has embraced this financial journey and money decisions are no longer frightening him.

I very encouraged that Tom is telling me what he is going to do with his money.  This tells me we have been successful in co-creating a roadmap and through financial coaching, Tom feels empowered in taking ownership of his savings and investments.  At the end of the day, I want these financial decisions to be on the shoulders of Tom, not me.  After all, it is HIS money.

The path of financial independence in not a linear journey.  There will be roadblocks and setbacks but instead of being surprised by them, we are now prepared for them.

While he is overseas, I share with him some online financial tools (Morningstar reports) that can serve as his virtual financial coach to help him make important investment decisions.

Tom's father is excited for him and glad that I have been his corner, amongst many others, to coach him along the way.

I hope, speak and pray for Tom's success and that he stays encouraged along the way.  I can only imagine what his portfolio will look like in the years to come and the opportunities he can partake of because his financial house is in order.

Thanks for joining us on the inaugural season of MSN Money's The Invested Life personal finance reality show! 

It has been quite a journey to experience this with you all...thank you soooo much for your feedback, support and insight along the way.  I hope you keep sharing these webisodes on your blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter profiles! 

Stay tuned for season two coming SOON!

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