Matt Sapaula Visits "The Jarrett Payton Show"

What properly raised, Chi-town kid doesn't know the name "Payton"?  Growing up playing football, the legacy of the legendary '85 Bears still stirs the Chicago soul and is the standard to which any sports team in this city is compared to.  This morning, I have the opportunity to visit with such a legend.  The spirit, character and tenacity of the late, beloved #34 Walter "Sweetness" Payton carries on with his son, Jarrett Payton, who today hosts "The Jarrett Payton Show" on

Matt Sapaula_Jarrett Payton.JPG (Post Of The Day)

You can tune in and join our conversation from 11am-Noon.  I'll be checking my Facebook and Twitter profiles in case you want to share your thoughts...chime on in! 

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