Calling for Backup-The Invested Life Season 1 Episode 4

Tom has come to the decision in taking financial action.  He wants to know how to properly invest his money in the stock market.  Therefore, I set up a meeting between him and investment advisor,  Ed Butowsky.  Ed happens to be in the Santa Fe, NM area while meeting with other clients and does a favor for me while he is there.  I think there is no one else better to help Tom breakdown the world of investment choices and opportunities.

Oh yes...I coach via Skype too...lovin' modern technology!

Tom, like professional athletes, knows his career can be unpredictable and he can only earn a living by singing as long as he is under contract.  Ed has a great reputation for advising high-net worth individuals and professional athletes about how to smartly invest money in different asset classes and sectors, so this should go very smoothly.

Ed suggests how to distribute the funds for growth and income.  He also brings in details different investment choices that will also offset taxes and inflation.  

Make sure you stay posted for the next episode as Tom entertains an out-of-town guest, then visits a local site to learn another lesson in investing.


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