New Years Resolution 2011: Pursuing an Enduring Power to Prosper

Wow, the last Sunday of 2010 has past and the last week is now upon us.  The first ten years of the new millennium is just about in the books.

One of the most favorite places I go to recharge and refresh for the beginning of each week is one of the most underrated, personal self-development centers in our country. It has the power to move, change and transform a nation, anywhere from 5-30 minutes away and the cost is FREE to attend.  Where and what is such a place?
The local, bible-based church.

No, I'm not religious but you'll religiously find my family and I here
each Sunday.  The simple fact of my presence and involvement in the
Christian community does not make me perfect nor create me holier than thou.  Lord
knows I sure have my fair share of struggles and challenges as a son, single father,
friend, entrepreneur and financial coach.  

My rationale by committing to being at the local church each Sunday helps put
my mind, heart and spirit collectively in the best position for growth
and success.  If there are a set of rules, ethics and morals to follow, why not follow the clues written within the year-after-year, best selling book? I find the rules for finding the power to prosper, in any economy, within these pages.

According to Pastor Kent Munsey, Chicago is the most unchurched big-city in the United States.  In case you find me sitting in the audience typing away within my
iPhone, don't flick me in the back of the neck for being rude.  I'm not
texting in church...I'm taking notes. 

Church doesn't have to be dull and boring after all.  City Church Chicago makes it engaging, fun and eye-opening.

With that said, here are some nuggets I took away from this past
Sunday's message from Pastor Kent. Yes, there are pictures as well from
the movie, Bruce Almighty, starring Jim Carey, Jennifer Anniston and one
of my all-time favorite actors, Morgan Freeman who plays God.

Here you go:

  • Excuses. Anyone can make excuses or shift the blame.  
  • If you want to live a life of fulfillment, you can't live in the negatives of your past!
  • Quit comparing your life to others.
  • Your greatest power is the power to choose!
  • Our greatest temptation is wanting what we want, when we want it. Do you tell God how to run your life?
  • Do you want no consequences for your own behavior but yet you want everyone else to be held responsible for theirs?
  • Isaiah 55:9 - (God speaking) For just as the heavens are higher than the earth,  so my
    ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your
  • Our problems are our opportunity to trust God.  Let God do something great in you and through you.  Let go of last year's hurts and move on to the new year's opportunities.
  • Understand that you are wonderfully and beautifully made.

What do you want in 2011? Don't see a miracle in your life?  YOU can be the miracle you are looking for.



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  • Yes, oh, yes! Our problems are our opportunity to trust God. Yes! Letting Go and Letting God is my Resolution for the New Year! I mean literally. I practice Forgiveness (the art of letting go and letting God!) Yes!

    I have not been to City Church yet, but I plan to come. I go to FCC quite often. More love.

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